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MB2146-09A-E: Emulator Main Unit | Cypress Semiconductor

MB2146-09A-E: Emulator Main Unit

Last Updated: 
Jan 09, 2019

Emulator Main Unit



A compact size, combined with the power to support microcontroller system designers with a cost-efficient solution for their daily work, makes Cypress' new MB2146-09A-E Emulator among other devices for F2MC-8FX series a highly valuable support tool. It not only offers the ability to emulate microcontrollers operating at a voltage starting at 2.7V, it also supports sophisticated debugging features, such as multi-level breakpoints, bit-level event trigger capabilities and high level language support. The emulation environment runs on IBM PC compatible machines under Windows 98 or NT/2000/XP.

  • Emulation system with F2MC-8FX evaluation board:
    • MB2146-09A-E Emulator for F2MC-8FX
    • MB2146-30x MCU board (incl. emulation chip)
    • MB2146-401 Evaluation board for F2MC-8FX
  • Emulation system with user target board:
    • MB2146-09A-E Emulator for F2MC-8FX
    • MB2146-30x MCU board (incl. emulation chip)
    • MB2146-2xx Header board/Package converter
    • User target System


  • USB communication interface
  • Connected to target system via user interface connector (BGM)
  • 256 code / 2 data event breakpoints
  • Sequential breakpoints (2 levels)
  • Trace function

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