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MB2146-07 series for New 8FX Family | Cypress Semiconductor

MB2146-07 series for New 8FX Family

Last Updated: 
Nov 16, 2020

MB2146-07 series

System  Overview

System overview


  • Supports microcontroller operating voltages of +1.8 to +5.5V

    (The upper and lower limits on the microcontroller operating voltage and operating frequency vary between each of the devices. For the operating voltage and operating frequency of each MCU, see the documentation related to that device (data sheet, hardware manual, etc.))
  • Compact development environment, with small lightweight BGM adapter
  • Debugging possible over single-wire serial
  • Because the monitor program executes in a dedicated memory space, it does not consume any of the user memory space
  • Built-in continuous execution, step execution, and forced break functions
  • Hardware breakpoints: 3 points
  • Software breakpoints: 256 points
  • Host interface: Able to connect using USB2.0 Full Speed 12 Mbps
  • RAM realtime monitor
  • Standalone programming
  • Supplies power to the target microcontroller

System configuration

System configuration

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