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MB2146-07-E: Emulator Main Unit for 8FX Microcontroller | Cypress Semiconductor

MB2146-07-E: Emulator Main Unit for 8FX Microcontroller

Last Updated: 
Jan 09, 2019

Emulator Main Unit for 8FX Microcontroller



MB2146-07-E is a tool used for Cypress Semiconductor new 8FX MCU. It is updated from MB2146-08-E. MB2146-07-E has inherited all functions of MB2146-08-E. It is updated to compatible with the new 0.18um MCU and obtain a better performance and new functions.


The SK-Power-3P-LV2-MC board includes the following features:

  • Smaller box dimension (58mm (W) X 90mm (L) X 20mm (H))
  • RAM real-time monitoring, Support 16 words RAM monitoring
  • Stand alone programming
  • Supports all available 8FX MCU programming
  • Programming operation (E+B+P+V) selectable
  • Power supply for target MCU (3.3V, 200mA
  • 10 times faster for programming
  • 5 times faster for debugging
  • Field update function


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