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MB2100 series for FR81S/F2MC-16FX Family MB96600 series | Cypress Semiconductor

MB2100 series for FR81S/F2MC-16FX Family MB96600 series

Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

MB2100 series

System  Overview

System overview


  • Debug using a flash microcontroller on a mass-production board
  • Connect to the flash microcontroller using a single wire coaxial
  • Read from and write to memory without stopping the CPU
  • Connect to a flash microcontroller at up to 10 m
  • Configure traces and multiple events
  • Security function with password
  • Compact size 84.8 mm x 53.6 mm x 21.3 mm, 70.3 g
  • Connect using USB 2.0 High Speed
  • The power supply is USB bus-powered
  • Power supply isolation
  • Supports all flash microcontrollers that includes the single-wire coaxial cable debugging interface (MDI)
  • The debug interface complies with JPwire, which is a single wire standard interface specification established by the JASPAR standards organization

System configuration

System configuration


MB2100-01A-E and MB2100-01-E difference are shown below.

Difference between MB2100-01A-E and MB2100-01-E


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