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Low Power PSoC 1 Development Kit (CY8C24x93) | Cypress Semiconductor

Low Power PSoC 1 Development Kit (CY8C24x93)

Last Updated: 
Mar 20, 2018

Low Power PSoC 1 Kit

The PSoC 1 Low Power Kit is an Arduino hardware compatible shield development kit. The PSoC 1 development kit can be both a standalone development kit or integrate and plug into any compatible Arduino development platform, such as the Uno, Due, and Mega boards. Users will develop applications using the PSoC Designer IDE platform.

The PSoC 1 Low Power Development Kit has been developed in conjunction with Element14 and is available through their online web page.

The development kit will include the following onboard features:

  • Arduino Shield Design
  • Onboard PSoC 3 based programmer
  • CY8C24x93 device
  • OCD connections for CY3215 ICE-Cube Programming and Debugging
  • USB Connection for CY8C24x93 device
  • LEDs
  • Push Button (Reset and User Button)
  • Thermistor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • SLCD (Segment LCD)
  • Potentiometer

Software Needed:

The Low Cost PSoC 1 development kit will need the following software tool:

Kit Availability:

The Low Power PSoC 1 Development Kit is available through the Element14 kit web page.

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