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FlexRay Development Platforms

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Nov 16, 2020

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FlexRay Evaluation kit(MB2005-01 european order code is FLEXRAY-FPGA-EVA-Kit-369)

As a first step of shifting to the next-generation in-car standard FlexRay, Fujitsu has launched FlexRay Starter Kit on the global market since June 2005.

This Starter Kit consists of two boards, CPU control board and FPGA board, and a sample program.

  • First Step Guide (PDF 2.47MB)
FlexRay evaluation board

Contents of the product

  • Host processor board
    • 32-bit MCU MB91F369

      2 x CAN, UART, SIOs

      1 MB flash (on-board)

      512 K flash (on-chip)
    • Onboard Monitor Debugger

      2 MB SRAM (on-board)

      32k RAM (on-chip)
  • FlexRay main & daughter boards

    FPGA-based ERAY IP core featuring protocol Version 2.0

    It enables the combination of FlexRay IP with other MCU.

    32-bit Fujitsu FR (MB91F369 MCU starter kit)

    16-bit Fujitsu 16FX
    • Plug-in sockets for physical layer modules
  • Software

    Driver for FlexRay interface as library

    Sample Program
  • Tool

    Softune Workbench on Micro CD 3.6

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