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EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit CYBT-483039-PROG | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit CYBT-483039-PROG

Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020


The EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit (CYBT-483039-PROG) enables you to easily program the CYBT-483039-02 EZ-BT™ WICED module.

The life time of the socket used in this programming kit is 50,000 insertions.

For more information, visit: - EZ-BT Module home pages - WICED Module Programmer User Guide – KBA225060 - EZ-Serial Firmware Platform page - WICED SDK page


Figure 1: CYBT-483039-PROG Top View

To use the CYBT-483039-PROG:

1) Put the BLE module in the socket (ensure that the BLE module is in the correct position of the socket, as shown below)


2) Connect the programming device with a USB cable to a computer that has been installed with WICED Module Programmer (

3) Run the programming software to program the targeted BLE module with your selected fi­rmware.

Kit Contents:

1 X EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit CYBT-483039-PROG

1 X USB Cable