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EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit CYBT-343026-PROG | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit CYBT-343026-PROG

Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020


The EZ-BT™ Module Programming Kit (CYBT-343026-PROG) enables you to easily program the following EZ-BTTM WICED modules prior to manufacturing: CYBT-343026-01 and CYBT-343151-02.

The lifetime of the socket used in this programming kit is 50,000 insertions.

For more information, visit: - EZ-BT Module home pages - WICED Module Programmer User Guide – KBA225060 - EZ-Serial Firmware Platform page - WICED SDK page

CYBT-343026-PROG Top View

Figure 1: CYBT-343026-PROG Top View

To use the CYBT-343026-PROG:

  1. Put the BLE module in the socket (ensure that the BLE module is in the correct position of the socket, as shown below) 

    Module in the socket
  2. Connect the programming device with a USB cable to a computer that has been installed with WICED Module Programmer (
  3. Run the programming software to program the targeted BLE module with your selected fi­rmware.

Kit Contents:

1 X EZ-BTTM Module Programming Kit CYBT-343026-PROG

1 X USB Cable