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EMA-MB9DF120-001 | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

Emulation Adapter for FCR4-Cluster series microcontroller MB9DF126 (QFP-176 package), JTAG access, 16-bit trace



The EMA-MB9DF120-001 is an emulation and trace adapter for the Cypress FCR4 flash microcontroller MB9DF126 ('Atlas') series. It can be used standalone for software development and testing or connected to your target board for debugging/tracing your application. It is intended as a plug-in replacement for the target MCU MB9DF126 QFP-176 package. This requires a special socket (EMA-FT-176P-M07-001) on the target board (instead of the MCU) which adapts to the original QFP-176 footprint. The great benefit for using this device is the fully supported trace-capability which can be accessed from the plug-in trace adapter board on top of the EMA-MB9DF120-001.

In case of higher components or other mechanical situations on your target board, the connection between EMA-MB9DF120-001 and your target board can be increased by using the extender EMA-ET-176-001.


  • Includes 32-bit flash microcontroller MB9DF126 ('Atlas') with FPT-296P-M04 package
  • Requires 5 V unregulated external DC power supply (PSU_FIX5V-6W)
  • on-board 3.3 V and 1.2 V voltage regulators
  • Powered from target-system, optionally external supply through AC-adaptor possible
  • Onboard 4 and 20 MHz main crystal (selectable), 32.768 kHz sub crystal
  • APIX high-speed serial interface (4-pin FireWire connector)
  • 1:1 signal mapping to target system (QFP-176 header, footer for Atlas footprint (EMA-FT-176P-M07-002) is required separately)
  • ARM standard 20 pin IDC JTAG connector (flash programming, debugging)
  • Trace probe connector (up to 16-bit support)
  • Reset and power LEDs
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE conform

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