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E-ink Display Shield Board CY8CKIT-028-EPD | Cypress Semiconductor

E-ink Display Shield Board CY8CKIT-028-EPD

Last Updated: 
Jul 16, 2019

Ultra-low-power Display, Sensors, and Arduino Uno Compatibility

The E-ink Display Shield Board (CY8CKIT-028-EPD) has been designed such that an ultra-low-power E-ink display, sensors and a microphone can interface with Cypress' PSoC 4 and PSoC 6 MCUs.

It comes with the features below to enable everyday objects to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Ultra-low-power 2.7 inch E-ink Display
  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • PDM Microphone

The E-ink Display Shield Board uses the Arduino Uno pin layout, enabling this shield board to be used with Cypress' PSoC 4 and PSoC 6 MCU based Pioneer Kits.

The table below shows the pin mapping for the PSoC 4 and PSoC 6 MCU Pioneer Kits that the E-ink Display Shield is compatible with:

Arduino CY8CKIT-028-EPD CY8CKIT-062-BLE ​CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT CY8CKIT-046 CY8CKIT-044 CY8CKIT-042-BLE CY8CKIT-042
D10 SSEL P12[3] P6[3] P2[7] P0[2] P3[4]
D11 MOSI P12[0] P6[0] P6[0] P0[0] P3[0]
D12 MISO P12[1] P6[1] P6[1] P0[1] P3[1]
D13 SCLK P12[2] P6[2] P6[2] P0[3] P0[6]
D2 EPD_RST P5[2] P1[0] P1[0] P1[6] P0[7]
D3 BUSY P5[3] P1[1] P1[1] P1[7] P3[7]
D4 EPD_EN P5[4] P1[2] P1[2] P1[3] P0[0]
D5 DISCH P5[5] P1[3] P1[3] P1[2] P3[5]
D6 BORDER P5[6] P5[6] P5[3] P1[1] P1[0]
D7 IO_EN P0[2] P5[5] P5[5] P1[0] P2[7]
A0 THER_VDD P10[0] P2[0] P2[0] P3[0] P2[0]
A1 THER_OUT P10[1] P2[1] P2[1] P3[1] P2[1]
A2 THER_OUT P10[2] P2[2] P2[2] P3[2] P2[2]
A3 THER_GND P10[3] P2[3] P2[3] P3[3] P2[3]
A4 PDM_CLK P10[4] P2[4] P2[4] P3[4] P2[4]
A5 PDM_DATA P10[5] P2[5] P2[5] P3[5] P2[5]
SCL I2C_SCL P6[0] P4[0] P4[0] P3[5] P4[0]
SDA I2C_SDA P6[1] P4[1] P4[1] P3[4] P4[1]
Kit Contents:

E-ink Display Shield