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CYTVII-B-H-8M-320-CPU Body Evaluation Board | Cypress Semiconductor

CYTVII-B-H-8M-320-CPU Body Evaluation Board

Last Updated: 
Sep 21, 2021

The CYTVII-B-H-8M-320-CPU, a 320-pin evaluation board is based on the Traveo II body high family of devices. The evaluation board is designed to enable the users to develop and test functionalities such as Audio Interface, Automotive Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, SD Card, SMIF, Dual QSPI User Switch, User LED and UART communication. Rest of the features like CAN, LIN, Potentiometer, LED’s and Switches etc that is not included in the board design, is still accessible in the SAMTEC connector. The evaluation board can be mounted on the CYTVII-B-E-BB base board for the extended features.

A downloadable User Manual helps with the installation, use and configuration of the board and includes the schematics and the layout. (see Documents section)


Summary of Features:

  • Traveo II CYT4FB series 8M Flash 320pin BGA Device

  • Programming interface (Arm® Standard JTAG, Cortex® Debug, Cortex Debug + ETM and Arm ETM Mictor) to connect several programming tools such as IAR I-jet, Green Hills MULTI, also MiniProg.

  • Reset controller with manual reset switch and voltage supervision.

  • One user switch and one user LED

  • Samtec connector interfacefor connecting to the base board CYTVII-B-E-BB.

  • USB to UART bridge


  • Micro USB connector for power, device programming and data transfer (UART)

  • Samtec connector interface for connecting to the base board CYTVII-B-E-BB.


Component Type Component Name
Microcontroller Traveo II CYT4FB series 8M Flash 320pin BGA Device
Audio Interface TLV320AIC26IRHBR
Automotive Ethernet TJA1100
Gigabit Ethernet DP83867IR
Hyper RAM S27KL0641DABHI020
Hyper Flash S26KL512SDABHI020
SD Card Interface eMMC: 101-00708-64/GSD090012SEU
USB to UART CY7C65213-28PVXI
Reset Controller TPS3808G01QDBVRQ1
User Switch 1