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Cypress SoC Wizard

Last Updated: 
Dec 04, 2020

The Cypress SoC Wizard is a development tool especially offered to support developers to test and check the basic hardware functionality of their target PCB.



Cypress SoC Wizard offers developers an easy method to test the correct basic functionality of the target hardware without the need to write any line of code. Via Cypress SoC Wizard the developer can easily select the MCU pin function (input/output/peripheral IO) and immediately test the pin behavior in the application hardware.

Based on the resource multiplexing scheme of a selected device, easy to use drop-down menus allow the user to connect available peripheral I/O functions with a MCU pin. Based on the selected function, dialogs are offered to configure more detailed peripheral settings on a higher abstraction level e.g. period time and duty cycle for PPG (Programmable Pulse Generator).

Additionally Cypress SoC Wizard provides Embedded Flash Programming for the MCU internal flashes as well as selected external serial flash devices connected via High Speed SPI or External Bus Interface with the MCU.

The free of charge version of Cypress SoC Wizard is limited to the functions Embedded Flash Programming and ADC analog input read function. To get the full featured version, please contact Cypress Semiconductor Europe GmbH (


  • USB - JTAG target connection via SEGGER J-LINK
  • Embedded on-chip flash programming support
  • High Speed serial flash and external bus flash programming support
  • MCU pin input/output function configuration
  • Status read of digital I/Os and ADC input signals
  • Supported peripherals:
    • ADC
    • Digital I/O (*)
    • PPG (*)
    • CAN (*)
    • SPI (*)
    • I²C (*)
    • external IRQs (*)

(*) commercial version only

Please note that the use of Cypress SoC Wizard needs the connection of SEGGER J-LINK USB/JTAG probe (


User Guide V1.0 soc-wizard-user-guide_v10.pdf
Cypress SoC Wizard Release Notes SoCWizard_ReleaseNotes.pdf


The following software is for demonstration purposes only. It is not fully tested, nor validated in order to fulfill its task under all circumstances. Therefore, this software or any part of it must only be used in an evaluation laboratory environment.

Cypress SoC Wizard V1.8.0 If you want to download the file, please contact your sales representatives or customer service support.

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