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CYBT-343052-EVAL EZ-BT™ Module Arduino Evaluation Board | Cypress Semiconductor

CYBT-343052-EVAL EZ-BT™ Module Arduino Evaluation Board

Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

The EZ-BTTM Module Arduino Evaluation Board (CYBT-343052-EVAL) enables you to evaluate and develop applications on the EZ-BT WICED® Module, CYBT-343052-02. CYBT-343052-EVAL can be used as a standalone evaluation kit or can be combined with Arduino-compatible shields.

Standalone Usage:

To use the CYBT-343052-EVAL:

  1. Configure the evaluation board headers/switches to the desired settings 
  2. Connect the evaluation board to a PC via a USB cable
  3. Open the ModusToolbox, develop your application, program and test

Note: Recover the CYBT-343052-EVAL before programming. The Arduino-compatible headers(J3/J4/J6/J7) are optional connections, which provide additional I/O connections to the module and allow for other Arduino shields to be used during development.

Optional Usage with Arduino Shield:

Arduino compatible shields can be connected through the Arduino compatible headers (J3/J4/J6/J7) to provide additional I/O connections and functionality.

Kit Contents:

1 X EZ-BT Module Arduino Evaluation Board (CYBT-343052-EVAL) with on-board EZ-BT WICED Module (CYBT-343052-02)

1 X USB Cable