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CYBT-243053-EVAL EZ-BT™ Module Arduino Evaluation Board | Cypress Semiconductor

CYBT-243053-EVAL EZ-BT™ Module Arduino Evaluation Board

Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

The EZ-BTTM Module Arduino Evaluation Board (CYBT-243053-EVAL) enables you to evaluate and develop applications on the EZ-BT WICED® Module, CYBT-243053-02. CYBT-243053-EVAL can be used as a standalone evaluation kit or can be combined with Arduino-compatible shields.

Standalone Usage:

To use the CYBT-243053-EVAL:

  1. Configure the evaluation board headers/switches to the desired settings  
  2. Connect the evaluation board to a PC via a USB cable
  3. Refer to KBA226703 for platform files, Makefile target generation, and HCI UART switch position setting for programming
  4. Open the WICED Studio SDK, develop your application, program and test

Note: Recover the CYBT-243053-EVAL before programming. The Arduino-compatible headers(J3/J4/J6/J7) are optional connections, which provide additional I/O connections to the module and allow for other Arduino shields to be used during development.   


Optional Usage with Arduino Shield:

Arduino compatible shields can be connected through the Arduino compatible headers (J3/J4/J6/J7) to provide additional I/O connections and functionality.

Kit Contents:

1 X EZ-BT Module Arduino Evaluation Board (CYBT-243053-EVAL) with on-board EZ-BT WICED Module (CYBT-243053-02)

1 X USB Cable