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CYBLE-212019-SHIELD EZ-Serial™ Arduino Shield | Cypress Semiconductor

CYBLE-212019-SHIELD EZ-Serial™ Arduino Shield

Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020


The CYBLE-212019-SHIELD contains the CYBLE-212019-00 EZ-BLE Module, integrated with Cypress EZ-SerialTM firmware platform, in an Arduino shield compatible form factor.  The EZ-SerialTM Arduino Shield provides a simple way to use the CYBLE-212019-00 module and associated EZ-Serial BLE Firmware using the Arduino and compatible platforms.

To use the CYBLE-212019-SHIELD, simply plug the shield into an Arduino Uno or compatible microcontroller board and place jumpers across the desired pins needed by your application. Module-to-Arduino connections are optional in order to provide flexibility to application design, and to allow the use of other shields or external devices.

For UART communication, you must connect either the hardware pins (0 and 1) or software pins (10 and 11). The hardware pins allow UART communication using the Arduino Serial object, while the software pins using the SoftwareSerial object. Software-based communication leaves the hardware interface available for host PC communication and Arduino IDE firmware uploads.

You cannot upload new Arduino firmware or use the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor if you connect the hardware UART jumpers on pins 0 and 1.

Follow these steps to begin using the EZ-Serial Arduino Shield:

1. Connect the shield to an Arduino Uno or compatible board

2. Place jumpers across the pin connection headers needed for your application

3. Download the EZ-Serial host API library archive and extract all files

4. Copy or move the arduino\EZSLib folder into your Arduino \Libraries folder

  • This is usually located inside your \Documents folder, for example:


5. Plug in the Arduino USB cable to your computer and start or restart the Arduino IDE

6. Use the File -> Examples -> EZSLib -> Examples -> EZSLib_generic_demo menu item to open a simple example sketch.

Figure 2: EZSLib Arduino Example Sketch

7. Upload the sketch to the Arduino using the Sketch -> Upload menu item.

Figure 3: Uploading Example Sketch to Arduino

8. Open the Arduino Serial Monitor with the Tools -> Serial Monitor menu item to observe information from the example sketch about what responses and events are occurring. Be sure to select “9600 baud” in the bottom right corner of the serial monitor window.

Figure 4: Serial Monitor at 9600 Baud

Refer to the EZ-Serial BLE Firmware User Guide for more information concerning available functionality and how to use the API protocol or GPIO pins to control the module from an external host.

Kit Contents:

1 x EZ-SerialTM Arduino Shield (CYBLE-212019-SHIELD)