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CY8CKIT-035 PSoC® Power Supervision Expansion Board Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-035 PSoC® Power Supervision Expansion Board Kit

Last Updated: 
Jun 26, 2019

The Power Supervision Expansion Board Kit (EBK) supports:

  • Rapid fault detection capabilities for high-availability systems
  • Accurate and reliable power rail sequencing of both power-on and power-off for four different power converters
  • Voltage and current monitoring of four different power converters
  • Trimming for closed-loop control of the power converters
  • Margining of power converters for developmental test purposes
  • EEPROM based data logging capabilities
  • I2C/SMbus/PMbus host interface

Cypress’s PSoC Power Supervision solution delivers all of these capabilities, supporting the largest number of power converters in a single chip. In addition, this solution provides you with flexibility to customize this solution for your specific application and the ability to further integrate disparate functionality like fan control, reset-control logic, I2C level translators, etc.

PSoC Power Supervision Expansion Board Image (CY8CKIT-035)

The PSoC Power Supervision Expansion Board Kit enables you to evaluate Power Supervision functions and capabilities of the PSoC architecture. It is part of the PSoC development kit ecosystem and requires a host development board in order to use it. It is designed to work with the CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5 Development Kit (sold separately) or the CY8CKIT-030 PSoC 3 Development Kit (sold separately). You can evaluate the example projects described in this guide or design and customize your own Power Supervision solution using components in Cypress's PSoC Creator™ software (included) or by altering example projects provided with this kit.

CY8CKIT-035 connected to CY8CKIT-30 Board Image

Voltage Sequencer Component in PSoC Creator
CY8CKIT-035 connected to the CY8CKIT-030 Voltage Sequencer Component in PSoC Creator

With the flexibility of the PSoC architecture, you can easily create your own custom Power Supervision solution on chip with the exact functionality you need, in the way you want it – no more, no less.

Note: For PSoC 1 power supervision example project using CY8CKIT-035, please click here.


This kit also includes the PSoC Power Supervision Tool, which allows configuring an extensive set of user-configurable parameters. These parameters can be read and set using the industry-standard PMBus protocol.


Software Title Description Link
PSoC Creator This kit requires PSoC Creator for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming