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CY8CKit-030 and Breadboard Expansion Special | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKit-030 and Breadboard Expansion Special

Last Updated: 
Nov 16, 2020

Limited Time Only

Get PSoC 3 Development kit for $60, 40% off the normal price.

The Development Kit includes a CY8CKit-018 breadboard and header expansion for users to soldered onto the CY8CKit-030.

To get your kit at 40% off, visit the Cypress Store, use the following promotion code at checkout, KIT0301311419674.

The CY8CKIT-030 PSoC® 3 Development Kit enables you to evaluate, develop and prototype high precision analog, low-power and low-voltage applications powered by Cypress’s CY8C38 high precision analog device family.

The CY8CKit-018 PSoC Breadboard patch kit is for Development Kit (CY8CKit-030) users. The CY8CKit-018 includes a white breadboard and 6 headers. Users will need to solder these headers into the existing connections on the CY8CKit-030.

Cypress has a hardware update to the CY8CKit-030 PSoC 3 Development kit to include the breadboard prototyping area as a standard feature. IFor a limited time, we will be offering the existing inventory of PSoC 3 CY8CKit-030 Development kits, including the CY8CKit-018 breadboard patch, for a reduced price.



PSoC Breadboard Patch Kit (CY8CKIT-018)