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CY4638 WirelessUSB(TM) LP VoIP Demo Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY4638 WirelessUSB(TM) LP VoIP Demo Kit

Last Updated: 
May 13, 2020

CY4638 Chip

WirelessUSB LP VoIP demo kit provides a smart implementation of low power, low cost, duplex wireless headset to a single wireless receiver. The kit combines Cypress's WirelessUSB LP radio system-on-chip and enCoRe(TM) (Enhanced Component Reduction) micro controllers with Winbond's W681360, 13 bit low power CODEC to implement clean signal quality and production-ready, 2.4GHz wireless VoIP headset system.

Source code schematics and gerber file documentation for easy design provided.

Kit Contents:

  • WirelessUSB Headset Board - Innovative dual antenna design for range and robustness. Uses Cypress WirelessUSB LP (CYRF6936), Wireless enCoRe II (CY7C60323) flash MCU and Winbond (W681360) 3V Single-Channel CODEC.
  • WirelessUSB Full-Speed USB Bridge - Simple and small formfactor bridge. Uses WirelesUSB LP (CYRF6936) and enCoRe III (CY7C64215) USB flash MCU
  • WirelessUSB LP VoIP Demo Kit CD-ROM - Provides kit documentation, hardware schematics, bill of materials and firmware for Wireless VoIP headset design.
  • Other - Mono Headset, Battery charger and USB extension cable for the bridge.

Key Features

  • Headset with antenna diversity for maximizing range and robustness
  • Duplex voice sampling at 8KHz with clean signal quality
  • Over 8hrs of talk time between re-charging

Partner Name: Winbond

Partner Parts Supported: Winbond CODEC