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CY3683 MoBL-USB(TM) TX2 Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3683 MoBL-USB(TM) TX2 Development Kit

Last Updated: 
Mar 19, 2018

This development kit is no longer available. This web page has been left in place for informational purposes only.

CY3683 Chip Image

CY3683 MoBL-USB(TM) TX2 Development Kit


The CY3683 is the development kit for Cypress's MoBL-USB TX2 products. It provides a compact development board that allows the user to easily evaluate Cypress's CY7C68000A USB 2.0 UTMI transceiver.


The CY3683 board can be connected to any application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or field programmable gate array (FPGA) development platform through the 100-pin UMTI-compliant connector. This complete development platform enables quick addition of high-speed USB functionality to any application. No other extra external components are required.


Various jumper selections are also available on the development card to let the designer evaluate all the different features of the CY7C68000A, such as selectable 8-bit or 16-bit mode, unidirectional or bidirectional data bus, and UTMI or alternate power source.

Hardware Description

The development kit includes the following: Development Board with the CY7C68000A and a UTMI-compliant connector, hardware design notes, and Quick Start Guide.
A CD-ROM is also included with the latest CY7C68000A data sheet, schematics, gerber files, and bill of materials.