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CY3675-LCC6A Clock Socket Adapter | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3675-LCC6A Clock Socket Adapter

Last Updated: 
Jul 15, 2019


Clock Socket Adapter Kit Image (CY3675-LCC6A)

The CY3675-LCC6A socket adapter plugs directly into the Cypress CyClockMaker clock programming kit (CY3675-CLKMAKER1) to enable configuration of the following Cypress programmable clock devices:
  • CY2X013
  • CY2X014
  • CY2XF23
  • CY2XF24
  • CY2XF32
  • CY2XF33
  • CY2XF34
The CY3675-CLKMAKER1 clock programming kit enables quick and easy configuration of Cypress’s programmable clocks for evaluation and development purposes. Combined with Cypress’s clock programming software, this kit enables configuration of the target device through a PC’s USB port.


NOTE: This kit alone cannot program a clock device. You must also purchase a socket adapter that supports your clock device (see table below for available socket adapters).

Clock programming kits

 Kit Name  Description  Supported Devices
CY3675 - CLKMAKER1 Main Programming Board NA
Socket Adapter Kits (not included in CY3675-CLKMAKER1 kit. These are sold separately)
CY3675 - LCC4A Adapter Board for LCC4A Devices CY25701, CY25702

CY3675 - QFN8A

Adapter Board for QFN8A Devices CY22M1, CY22U1
CY3675 - SOIC8A Adapter Board for SOIC8A Devices CY25402, CY25403, CY25422, CY25423, CY25482, CY25483
CY3675 - QFN24A Adapter Board for QFN24A Devices CY2544, CY2545, CY2548
CY3675 - LCC6A Adapter Board for LCC6A Devices CY2X013, CY2X014, CY2XF23, CY2XF24, CY2XF32, CY2XF33, CY2XF34
CY3675 - TSSOP20B Adapter Board for TSSOP20B Devices CY25404


Hardware Description:
The CY3675-CLKMAKER1 Clock Programmer Kit contains:

  • CD with:
    • CY3675-CLKMAKER1 Clock Programming Kit Guide
    • Software installation file: PSoC Programmer
  • Main programming board (CY3675-CLKMAKER1)
  • I2C-USB Bridge (CY3240-I2USB)
  • PSoC® MiniProg (CY3217)
  • USB cable
  • 15V 400mA power supply
  • Four power plug adapters


To download the Clock Programmer Software click here.

(Note: Clock Programmer 1.2 is bundled with PSoC Programmer.)