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CY3653 WirelessUSB PRoC(TM) Development Kit (Version 1.0) | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3653 WirelessUSB PRoC(TM) Development Kit (Version 1.0)

Last Updated: 
Feb 26, 2018

This development kit is no longer available. This web page has been left in place for informational purposes only.

Cy3653 Board image

The PRoC Development Kit provides a complete solution for developing and implementing Wireless Out-of-the-Box(TM) solutions. PRoC is ideal for wireless solutions for consumer goods, home/building automation and Industrial control such as light and climate control in buildings, alarm monitoring, toys, white goods, smart appliances, inventory management, automatic meter readings and many more. The value of PRoC lies in enabling:

  • Ease of design and use
  • Lower cost of installation
  • Enhanced productivity through a simple wireless system solution.

Schematics, bill-of-materials, source code, and documentation are included in order to provide an accelerated starting point for a designer wishing to do a seamless transition from wired to wireless solutions.

Hardware Description

Included in this kit are the following items to aid in your development

  • Two PSoC EVAL1 Development Boards
  • Two PRoC Modules
  • One PRoC Development Module
  • Two 12V Power Supplies
  • Wire Kit (2" jumper wires and 1K ohm resistors)
  • FlexPOD emulator cable
  • CD-ROM containing:
    • Schematics
    • Example source code
    • Development tools
    • User Manual
    • Release Notes
    • Step-by-Step Project examples

The CY3653 examples were built using PSoC Designer v4.2 with Service Pack 2, both of which are available for download separately from the Cypress website.