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CY3280-21x34B-CapSensePLUS kit with Smartsense Auto-tuning coming soon | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3280-21x34B-CapSensePLUS kit with Smartsense Auto-tuning coming soon

Last Updated: 
Jul 21, 2011

Introduction to the CY3280-21x34B kit:The CY3280-21x34B Universal CapSense Controller Kit is designed for easy evaluation of the CY8C21x34B series of devices. It is also the ideal starting point to evaluate SmartSenseTM auto-tuning for proximity and water-tolerant touch sensing applications.

Introduction to the CY8C21x34B family :
The CY8C21x34B family of CapSense controllers is ideal for proximity sensing and water tolerant designs. Enabled with SmartSense™ Auto-tuning, this family is easy to use and significantly reduces the design cycle time by eliminating the tuning process throughout the entire product development cycle from prototype to mass production. SmartSense tunes each CapSense sensor automatically at power up and then monitors and maintains optimum sensor performance during run time. This technology adapts for manufacturing variation in PCBs, overlays and noise generators such as LCD inverters, AC line noise and switch mode power supplies and automatically tunes them out.