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CY3235 - CapSense Proximity Detection Demonstration | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3235 - CapSense Proximity Detection Demonstration

Last Updated: 
Jan 24, 2018

This development kit is no longer available. This web page has been left in place for informational purposes only.

We recommend the CY8CKIT-024 as a better alternative for most customers.

CapSEnse Proximity Detection Kit Image (CY3235)

CY3235-ProxDet Rev. B Kit Contents:

  • Proximity Detection Demo Board w/Antenna
  • I2C to USB Debugging/Communication Bridge
  • USB A to Mini-B Cable (3 feet)
  • Supporting Software CD
  • CY3235-ProxDet Quick Start Guide
  • One CY8C24894 PSoC device on I2C-USB Bridge
  • One CY8C21434 PSoC device on Proximity Detection Demo Board
  • One free sample PSoC device (CY8C24894)

Hardware Description

The Proximity Detection Demo Kit allows quick and easy demonstration of a PSoC CapSense-enabled device (CY8C21434) to accurately sense the proximity of a hand or finger along the length of a wire antenna. The kit also includes the I2C-USB Bridge, which allows hardware and software debugging of PSoC applications by seamlessly connecting your PC's USB port to your application's I2C interface.


CY3217- MiniProg1 Programmer - The PSoC Programmer (CY3217-MiniProg1) is required to program the PSoC device and is available for purchase separately at The MiniProg provides the ability to program any Cypress PSoC device quickly and easily.

Updated projects using the CSD UM is available in the Related Files box below.

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Datasheets: CY8C21x34, CY8C24x94


Software Title Description Link
PSoC Designer This kit requires PSoC Designer for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming