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CY3218-CAPEXP2 CapSense Express(TM) Kit (Up to 10 I/O for Sliders) | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3218-CAPEXP2 CapSense Express(TM) Kit (Up to 10 I/O for Sliders)

Last Updated: 
Jul 07, 2020

CapSense Express2 Kit Image (CY3218)

CY3218-CAPEXP2 Kit Contents:

  • CY3218-CAPEXP2 CapSense Express Evaluation Board
  • CY3240-I2USB Board
  • USB Retractable Cable 
  • Kit Installation CD (includes PSoC Programmer, .NET Framework 2.0, PSoC Express, CapSense Express Extension Pack, and CapSense Express Documentation)
  • AAA Battery

Hardware Description

The CY3218-CAPEXP2 CapSense Express evaluation kit enables designers to replace mechanical sliders by implementing touch sensing designs in minutes with the newest CapSense Touch Sensing Family, CapSense Express.  With Cypress's PSoC Express(TM) visual embedded system design tool and CapSense Express configuration tool, designers configure, monitor, and tune up to 10 I/Os for sliders, LEDs, and other general purpose I/Os over I2C in a real time using a graphical user interface.

The evaluation kit showcases the 16-Pin QFN CY8C201A0-LDX2I CapSense Express device providing the following interfaces: 

  • 5 Segment CapSense Slider with Monitoring and Tuning for Sensitivity Adjustments
  • 4 status LEDs
  • 1 mechanical button

 CapSense Express is part of the PSoC Mixed-Signal Array Product line but individual CapSense Express device information needs to be accessed via the individual part number links in the line below titled Related Part Numbers.


Software Title Description Link
PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6 This kit requires PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming

Note: This kit requires the System Level functionality of PSoC Designer 5.0. This functionality does not exist in versions 5.1 or newer.