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ADA-FM0P-48LQFP-MC | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

This development kit is no longer available. This web page has been left in place for informational purposes only.

The ADA-FM0P-48LQFP-MC gives additional features to the FM0+ evaluation board SK-FM0-V48-S6E1A1. Beside of an alphanumeric LC-Display, the board can be used as a bridge to power stages used for motor control.


  • LC-Display (2x16 character, serial SPI connection)
  • Six LEDs, useable for MFT PWM or GPIO output
  • QPRC (A/B/Z) / GPIO (3x) connector
  • MCU illumination
  • Connector for motor power stages e.g.: SK-Power-3P-LV2-MC



Quick Start Guide ReadMe_ADA-FM0P-48LQFP-MC.pdf (v1.1)
Schematics ADA-FM0P-48LQFP-MC_schematic.pdf (v1.0)


The following software is for demonstration purposes only. It is not fully tested, nor validated in order to fulfill its task under all circumstances. Therefore, this software or any part of it must only be used in an evaluation laboratory environment.

Use only the template-project as starting point for your application. Only the template-project will be updated in case of any change of the header files, startup code etc.!

This project shows the setting how to drive the LC-Display and how to use of the GPIO controlled LEDs on the board.

This project demonstrates how to access to the LC-Display by use of the Multi-Function-Serial module, and is controlling the LEDs by GPIO. (v1.0)
This project controls a sensored PMS motor by use of a software touch based user interface. (v1.0) (v1.0)
Serial Port Viewer and Terminal