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ADA-FCR4-MULTIIO-001 | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Nov 17, 2020

I/O and peripheral extension board for FCR4-Cluster series starterkits



The ADA-FCR4-MULTIIO-001 board is an extension board for Fujitsu FCR4-Cluster series starterkits. It expands the starterkit with several external components like display interface, Ethernet PHY, CAN, LIN, I2S audio codec and provides access to all MCU pins, allowing the designer to start software development immediately, before the final target system is available.


  • board-to-board connector (to interface with FCR4-Cluster series starterkits)
  • CAN interface
  • LIN interface
  • I2S audio codec (stereo)
  • Media-LB interface (MOST application)
  • Dual display output (RGB-888)
  • Analog and digital video capture interface (ITU-R BT.656)
  • four user buttons (digital inputs)
  • eight user LEDs (digital outputs, PWM)
  • Potentiometer (analog input)
  • Pin header (access to all MCU pins)
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE conform

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