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PSOC 64 MCU: CYB06447BZI-D54 DATASHEET (PRELIMINARY) | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Aug 13, 2020
PSoC® 6 MCU is a high-performance, ultra-low-power, and secure MCU platform, purpose-built for IoT applications. The PSoC 64 Secure MCU line, based on the PSoC 6 MCU platform, feature out-of-box security functionality, providing an isolated root-of-trust with true attestation and provisioning services. In addition, it delivers a pre-configured secure execution environment which supports system software for various IoT platforms; and enables TLS authentication, secure storage, and secure firmware management. The PSoC 64 also includes a rich execution environment for application development, with RTOS support that communicates with the secure execution environment.

Click here to download the spreadsheet with the consolidated list of pinouts and pin alternate functions.