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PSOC 6 MCU: CY8C62X5 DATASHEET | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Nov 24, 2020

General Description

PSoC® 6 MCU is a high-performance, ultra-low-power and secure MCU platform, purpose-built for IoT applications. The CY8C62x5 product family, based on the PSoC 6 MCU platform, is a combination of a dual core microcontroller with low-power flash technology, digital programmable logic, high-performance analog-to-digital and standard communication and timing peripherals.


32-bit Dual-Core Subsystem

  • 150-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F CPU with single-cycle multiply (Floating Point and Memory Protection Unit)
  • 100-MHz Cortex-M0+ CPU with single-cycle multiply and MPU
  • User-selectable core logic operation at either 1.1 V or 0.9 V
  • 8-KB Instruction Caches for both the CPU cores
  • Active CPU power slope with 1.1-V core operation
    • Cortex-M4: 40 µA/MHz
    • Cortex-M0+: 20 µA/MHz
  • Active CPU power slope with 0.9-V core operation
    • Cortex-M4: 22 µA/MHz
    • Cortex-M0+: 15 µA/MHz
  • Three DMA controllers​

Click here to download the spreadsheet with the consolidated list of pinouts and pin alternate functions.