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F2MC-16LX CY90350E Series 16-bit Microcontrollers | Cypress Semiconductor

F2MC-16LX CY90350E Series 16-bit Microcontrollers

Last Updated: 
May 30, 2020

The CY90350E series, loaded 1 channel FULL-CAN* interface and Flash ROM, is general-purpose Cypress 16-bit microcontroller designing for automotive and industrial applications. Its main feature is the on-board CAN interface, which conforms to CAN standard Version2.0 Part A and Part B, while supporting a very flexible message buffer scheme and so offering more functions than a normal full CAN approach. The power supply (3 V) is supplied to the MCU core from an internal regulator circuit. This creates a major advantage in terms of EMI and power consumption. The PLL clock multiplication circuit provides an internal 42 ns instruction execution time from an external 4 MHz clock. Also, the clock supervisor function can monitor main clock and sub clock independently.

Note: Cypress continues to supports this product and the Japanese document is removed from web for branding update. If you want to access the document, please contact your sales representatives or customer service support.