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CYW20733 Single-Chip Bluetooth Transceiver Wireless Input Devices | Cypress Semiconductor

CYW20733 Single-Chip Bluetooth Transceiver Wireless Input Devices

Last Updated: 
Jun 02, 2020

The Cypress CYW20733 is a Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR compliant, stand-alone baseband processor with an integrated 2.4 GHz transceiver. The device is ideal for applications in wireless input devices including game controllers, keyboards, and joysticks. Built-in firmware adheres to the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile and Bluetooth Device ID profile specifications. The CYW20733 radio has been designed to provide low power, low cost, and robust communications for applications operating in the globally available 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM band. It is fully compliant with the Bluetooth Radio Specification 3.0 + EDR. The singlechip Bluetooth transceiver is a monolithic component implemented in a standard digital CMOS process and requires minimal external components to make a fully compliant Bluetooth device. The CYW20733 is available in three package options: a 81-pin, 8 mm × 8 mm FBGA, a 121-pin, 9 mm × 9 mm FBGA, and a 56-pin, 7 mm x 7 mm QFN.