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CYFP1-9393 FPG1 Fingerprint Sensor Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor

CYFP1-9393 FPG1 Fingerprint Sensor Datasheet

Last Updated: 
Nov 12, 2020

Cypress TrueTouch® CYFP1-9393 Fingerprint Solution consists of fingerprint sensors, matching software, and powerful MCUs to run the matching software and store fingerprint templates.

With CYFP1-9393 you get:

  • High-quality fingerprint images for both dry and wet fingers
  • False finger rejection option limiting host processor interruptions
  • Native Fake finger rejection (anti-spoofing)
  • Programmable finger detection timing (Wake-on-Finger)
  • Navigation option
  • Low active & standby power
  • BGA package consisting of a die mounted on a polymer substrate sensor
  • Great image quality with polymer, plastic, and ceramic coatings < 100um in overall thickness
  • 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 CPU w/32KB Firmware Flash
  • Noise-suppression technologies for the battery chargers, displays, and radios in the device
  • Secure firmware updates via bootloader, allowing future product enhancements
  • Self-calibration and self-testing
  • Factory tuned with on-chip baseline storage, no field tuning required
  • Optional False Touch rejection
  • Powerful PSoC6 Cortex®-M4 Matching MCU
  • Precise Biometrics Biomatch® embedded matching algorithm