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CY9DF125 - Atlas-L, CY9DF125 Series | Cypress Semiconductor

CY9DF125 - Atlas-L, CY9DF125 Series

Last Updated: 
Jun 04, 2020
FCR4 CY9DF125 Classic Cluster Arm® Cortex®-R4 MCU CY9DF125 'Atlas-L' is part of Cypress's scalable line-up for instrument clusters, which covers the range from MCUs for traditional clusters up to 3D graphic SoCs with the capability of driving virtual or free programmable clusters. As successor to the well known CY91460 cluster MCUs, 'Atlas-L' can be used as a standalone MCU driving up to 6 SMCs or in combination with other devices to support more complex clusters. Like the other devices of the FCR4 family 'Atlas-L' contains the safety, security and power saving features expected by automotive customers. It supports Autosar via the Memory Protection Unit (MPU), a Timing Protection Unit (TPU) and Peripheral Protection Units (PPU).