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CY96320 Series, F2MC-16FX, 16-bit Microcontroller Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor

CY96320 Series, F2MC-16FX, 16-bit Microcontroller Datasheet

Last Updated: 
May 29, 2020
CY96320 series is based on Cypress advanced 16FX architecture (16-bit with instruction pipeline for RISC-like performance). The CPU uses the same instruction set as the established 16LX series - thus allowing for easy migration of 16LX Software to the new 16FX products. 16FX improvements compared to the previous generation include significantly improved performance - even at the same operation frequency, reduced power consumption and faster start-up time. For highest processing speed at optimized power consumption an internal PLL can be selected to supply the CPU with up to 56MHz operation frequency from an external 4MHz resonator. The result is a minimum instruction cycle time of 17.8ns going together with excellent EMI behavior. An on-chip clock modulation circuit significantly reduces emission peaks in the frequency spectrum. The emitted power is minimized by the on-chip voltage regulator that reduces the internal CPU voltage. A flexible clock tree allows to select suitable operation frequencies for peripheral resources independent of the CPU speed.