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CY7C65210, CY7C65217, CY7C65210A, CY7C65217A USB Billboard Controller Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C65210, CY7C65217, CY7C65210A, CY7C65217A USB Billboard Controller Datasheet

Last Updated: 
Apr 08, 2018
CY7C65210 and CY7C65217 are full speed USB Billboard controller devices. This Billboard controller devices are fully compliant with USB 2.0 IF specifications.

USB Billboard Controller


  • USB 2.0-certified, Full-Speed (12 Mbps)
    • Supports native Billboard Device class driver
    • Integrated USB termination resistors
  • I2C interface
    • Master up to 400 kHz
    • 190 bytes for each transmit and receive buffer
  • UART interface
    •  Supports 2 pin
    • Data rates up to 115200 bps 
  • General-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins:
    • CY7C65210: 9
    • CY7C65217: 7
  • 2560 bytes flash for storing configuration parameters
  • Billboard Device class specific descriptors
  • Driver support for Billboard Device
    • Billboard Device class is natively supported by Windows 10
  • Clocking: Integrated 48-MHz clock oscillator
  • For more, see pdf.

Functional Description

The CY7C65210 and CY7C65217 are Full-Speed USB 2.0 controllers, which enumerates as Billboard Device. It integrates a voltage regulator, an oscillator, and flash memory for storing configuration parameters, offering a cost-effective solution. CY7C65210 and CY7C65217 supports bus-powered mode and enables efficient system power management with suspend and remote wake-up signals. It is available in a 24-pin QFN package.