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CY7C1613KV18/CY7C1615KV18, 144-MBIT QDR® II SRAM FOUR-WORD BURST ARCHITECTURE | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Jan 29, 2018

144-Mbit QDR® II SRAM Four-Word Burst Architecture


  • Separate independent read and write data ports
  • 333 MHz clock for high bandwidth
  • Four-word burst for reducing address bus frequency
  • Double Data Rate (DDR) interfaces on both read and write ports (data transferred at 666 MHz) at 333 MHz
  • Two input clocks (K and K) for precise DDR timing
  • Two input clocks for output data (C and C) to minimize clock skew and flight time mismatches
  • Echo clocks (CQ and CQ) simplify data capture in high speed systems
  • Single multiplexed address input bus latches address inputs for read and write ports
  • Separate port selects for depth expansion 
  • For more, see pdf

 Functional Description

The CY7C1613KV18, and CY7C1615KV18 are 1.8-V synchronous pipelined SRAMs, equipped with QDR® II architecture. QDR II architecture consists of two separate ports: the read port and the write port to access the memory array. The read port has dedicated data outputs to support read operations and the write port has dedicated data inputs to support write operations. QDR II architecture has separate data inputs and data outputs to completely eliminate the need to “turn around” the data bus that exists with common I/O devices.