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CY7C107D, CY7C1007D: 1-Mbit (1M x 1) Static RAM | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C107D, CY7C1007D: 1-Mbit (1M x 1) Static RAM

Last Updated: 
Aug 26, 2015

1-Mbit (1M x 1) Static RAM


  • Pin- and function-compatible with CY7C107B/CY7C1007B
  • High speed
    • tAA = 10 ns
  • Low active power
    • ICC = 80 mA @ 10 ns
  • Low complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) standby power
    • ISB2 = 3 mA
  • 2.0 V data retention
  • Automatic power-down when deselected
  • CMOS for optimum speed/power
  • Transistor transistor logic (TTL) compatible inputs and outputs
  • CY7C107D available in Pb-free 28-pin 400-Mil wide Molded SOJ package. CY7C1007D available in Pb-free 28-pin 300-Mil wide Molded SOJ package

Functional Description

The CY7C107D and CY7C1007D are high-performance CMOS static RAMs organized as 1,048,576 words by 1 bit. Easy memory expansion is provided by an active LOW Chip Enable (CE) and tri-state drivers. These devices have an automatic power-down feature that reduces power consumption by more than 65% when deselected.