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CY7C10612G, CY7C10612GE: 16-Mbit (1 M × 16) Static RAM | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C10612G, CY7C10612GE: 16-Mbit (1 M × 16) Static RAM

Last Updated: 
Oct 09, 2018

16-Mbit (1 M × 16) Static RAM


  • High speed
    • tAA = 10 ns
  • Embedded error-correcting code (ECC) for single bit error correction
  • Low active power
    • ICC = 90 mA typical
  • Low CMOS standby power
    • ISB2 = 20 mA typical
  • Operating voltages of 3.3 ± 0.3 V
  • 1.0 V data retention
  • Transistor-transistor logic (TTL) compatible inputs and outputs
  • ERR pin to indicate 1-bit error detection and correction
  • Available in Pb-free 54-pin TSOP II package

Functional Description

The CY7C10612G and CY7C10612GE are high performance CMOS fast static RAM devices with embedded ECC. both device are offered in single chip enable option. The CY7C10612GE device includes an error indication pin that signals an error-detection and correction event during a read cycle.

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