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CY7C1012DV33: 12-Mbit (512 K × 24) Static RAM | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C1012DV33: 12-Mbit (512 K × 24) Static RAM

Last Updated: 
Aug 25, 2015

12-Mbit (512K X 24) Static RAM


  • High speed
    • tAA = 10 ns
  • Low active power
    • ICC = 175 mA at 10 ns
  • Low CMOS standby power
    • ISB2 = 25 mA
  • Operating voltages of 3.3 ± 0.3 V
  • 2.0 V data retention
  • Automatic power down when deselected
  • TTL compatible inputs and outputs
  • Available in Pb-free standard 119-ball PBGA

Functional Description

The CY7C1012DV33 is a high performance CMOS static RAM organized as 512K words by 24 bits. Each data byte is separately controlled by the individual chip selects (CE1, CE2, and CE3). CE1 controls the data on the I/O0–I/O7, while CE2 controls the data on I/O8–I/O15, and CE3 controls the data on the data pins I/O16–I/O23. This device has an automatic power down feature that significantly reduces power consumption when deselected.