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CY24293 Two Outputs PCI-Express Clock Generator | Cypress Semiconductor

CY24293 Two Outputs PCI-Express Clock Generator

Last Updated: 
Jun 30, 2017

 Two Outputs PCI-Express Clock Generator


  • 25 MHz Crystal or Clock Input
  • Two sets of Differential PCI-Express Clocks
  • Pin Selectable Output Frequencies
  • Supports output levels compatible with HCSL
  • Spread Spectrum Capability on all Output Clocks with Pin Selectable Spread Range
  • 16-pin TSSOP Package
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V
  • Commercial and Industrial Operating Temperature Range

Functional Description

CY24293 is a two output PCI-Express clock generator device intended for networking applications. The device takes 25 MHz crystal or clock input and provides two pairs of differential outputs at 25 MHz, 100 MHz, 125 MHz, or 200 MHz for HCSL signaling standard.