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CY22800: Universal Programmable Clock Generator (UPCG) | Cypress Semiconductor

CY22800: Universal Programmable Clock Generator (UPCG)

Last Updated: 
Oct 15, 2017

Universal Programmable Clock Generator (UPCG)


  • Spread Spectrum, VCXO, and Frequency Select
  • Input frequency range:
    • Crystal: 8–30 MHz
    • CLKIN: 0.5–100 MHz
  • Output frequency:
    • Commercial: 1–200 MHz
    • Industrial: 1–166 MHz
  • Integrated phase-locked loop
  • Low jitter, high accuracy outputs
  • 3.3 V operation
  • 8-pin SOIC package

Functional Description

The CY22800 is a multi-function clock generator that supports various applications in consumer and communications markets. The device uses the Cypress proprietary PLL along with spread spectrum and VCXO technology to make it one of the most versatile clock synthesizers in the marketplace.