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Voltage Comparator (Comp_PDL) | Cypress Semiconductor

Voltage Comparator (Comp_PDL)

Last Updated: 
Jun 23, 2020
Features Symbol Diagram
  • Low input offset
  • Multiple power/speed levels
  • Operates in Deep Sleep mode
  • Output can be routed to digital logic blocks or device pins
  • Multiple interrupt edge modes


General Description

The Voltage Comparator Component (Comp_PDL) provides a hardware solution to compare two analog input voltages. The output is sampled in software or routed to a digital Component. There are three-speed levels to allow optimizing for speed or power consumption. A reference or external voltage can be connected to either input terminals.

The input offset is designed to be less than 1 mV over temperature and voltage. The Component supports a 10 mV input hysteresis that can be enabled.

The comparator can operate in Deep Sleep mode and its interrupt can wake up the device from Deep Sleep mode.