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USBFS Device (USBFS_DEV_PDL) | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Jun 12, 2020
Symbol Diagram
  • USB full-speed device framework
  • One bidirectional control endpoint and eight unidirectional data endpoints
  • Support for interrupt, control, bulk, and isochronous transfer types
  • Crystal-less operation, and integrated USB termination and pull-up resistors
  • USB Configurator tool (helps construct descriptor)
  • Run-time support for descriptor set selection
  • HID, Audio, CDC classes support

General Description

The USBFS_DEV_PDL Component provides a full-speed USB 2.0 Chapter 9 specification compliant device framework. It uses the cy_usbfs low-level driver from the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) to provide an interface to the USB block hardware and cy_usb_dev middleware that decodes and dispatches requests from the USB host. Additionally, middleware provides support for Audio, CDC and HID classes to simplify USB device implementation. Finally, a standalone USB Configurator tool is provided in PDL to make it easy to construct the descriptors. You can construct a generic USB Device, as well as an Audio-, CDC- or HID-based device.