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Switched-Cap Filter | Cypress Semiconductor

Switched-Cap Filter

Last Updated: 
Jun 11, 2020
Features Symbol Diagram
  • 13-bit signed input data
    • Low pass
    • High pass
    • Band pass
    • Band stop
  • Continuous-time output
  • Automatic sample rate for best performance or set by user
  • Filter response graphs in frequency and time domains
  • Optional input to change the polarity of filter output
  • Comparator output as zero-crossing detector

Switched-Cap Filter


General Description

The Switched-Cap Filter Component is a 2nd-order inverting filter using the Universal Analog Block (UAB). The filter input is sampled at a specified sample rate resulting in a "stepped" output waveform. User-defined parameters such as the sample rate, corner frequency, center frequency, and bandwidth are realized as a set of capacitor values. A high bandwidth operational amplifier from the Continuous Time Block (CTB) is used to buffer the filter output.