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PSoC 4 Segment LCD (SegLCD) | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 4 Segment LCD (SegLCD)

Last Updated: 
Feb 26, 2018
Features Symbol Diagram
  • Digital Correlation and PWM at 1/2 and at 1/3 bias modes supported
  • Drive STN/TN LCD glass with up to four COMs
  • 30 to 150 Hz refresh rate
  • Supports both type A (standard) and type B (low power) waveforms
  • Pixel state of the display may be inverted for a negative image
  • User-defined pixel or symbol map with optional 7-, 14-, or 16-segment character; 5x7 or 5x8 dot matrix, and bar graph calculation routines.
  • Operation in Deep Sleep Mode From the ILO
  • All-digital contrast control using "Dead Period" digital modulation
Psoc4 LCD Diagram

General Description

The Segment LCD component can directly drive a variety of LCD glass at different voltage levels with multiplex ratios. This component provides an easy method of configuring the PSoC device to drive your custom or standard glass. You can use the component to drive STN or TN LCD glass with up to 4 COMs.

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