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LIN Slave

Last Updated: 
Jun 09, 2020


Symbol Diagram
  • Full LIN 2.1 or 2.0 Slave Node implementation
  • Supports compliance with SAE J2602-1 specification
  • Automatic baud rate synchronization
  • Fully implements a Diagnostic Class I Slave Node
  • Full transport layer support
  • Automatic detection of bus inactivity
  • Full error detection
  • Automatic configuration services handling
  • Customizer for fast and easy configuration
  • Import of *.ncf/*.ldf files and *.ncf file export
  • Editor for *.ncf/*.ldf files with syntax checking

General Description

The LIN Slave component implements a LIN 2.1 slave node on PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP devices. Options for LIN 2.0 or SAE J2602-1 compliance are also available. This component consists of the hardware blocks necessary to communicate on the LIN bus, and an API to allow the application code to easily interact with the LIN bus communication. The component provides an API that conforms to the API specified by the LIN 2.1 Specification.

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