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Inter-IC Sound Bus (I2S_PDL) | Cypress Semiconductor

Inter-IC Sound Bus (I2S_PDL)

Last Updated: 
Mar 26, 2018
Features Symbol Diagram
  • I2S, Left-Justified, TDM mode A, and TDM mode B Data Formats
  • Master/Slave TX/RX Operation
  • Programmable Channel/Word Lengths
  • Internal/external Clock Operation
  • Programmable Channel Number in TDM Data Formats
  • Configurable Bit Clock Inversion
  • Hybrid Component (Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) and Component Application Programming Interface (API))

I2S Chip


General Description

The I2S_PDL Component is used to send digital audio streaming data to external I2S devices, such as audio codecs or simple DACs. Furthermore, it is able to receive digital audio streaming data.

This Component is a hybrid graphical configuration entity with a set of Component-specific API built on top of the I2S driver available in the PDL. It allows schematic-based connections and hardware configuration as defined by the Component Configure dialog.