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Direct Memory Access (DMA_PDL) | Cypress Semiconductor

Direct Memory Access (DMA_PDL)

Last Updated: 
Jan 26, 2021
Features Symbol Diagram
  • Devices support up to two DMA hardware blocks
  • Each DMA block supports up to 16 DMA channels
  • Supports channel descriptors in SRAM
  • 4 Priority Levels for each channel
  • Byte, Halfword (2 bytes), and Word (4 bytes) transfers
  • Configurable source and destination addresses
  • Four Transfer Modes
  • Single Data Element per Trigger
  • One X (inner) loop transfer per trigger
  • Entire descriptor per trigger
  • Entire descriptor chain per trigger
  • Configurable output trigger
  • Configurable interrupt generation

DMA PDL Diagram


General Description

The DMA Component transfers data to and from memory, Components, and registers. These transfers occur independent of the CPU. The DMA transfers can be set up in a byte, halfword (2 bytes), or word (4 bytes) wide. The DMA starts each transaction through an external trigger that can come from a DMA channel (including itself), another DMA channel, a peripheral, or the CPU. The DMA is best used to offload data transfer tasks from the CPU.