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8-Bit Waveform Generator (WaveDAC8) | Cypress Semiconductor

8-Bit Waveform Generator (WaveDAC8)

Last Updated: 
Jun 24, 2020


  • Supports standard and arbitrary waveform generation
  • Arbitrary waveform may be drawn manually or imported from file
  • Output may be voltage or current, sink or source
  • Voltage output can be buffered or direct from DAC
  • Hardware selection between two waveforms
  • Waveforms may be up to 4000 points
  • Predefined sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth waveforms

Symbol Diagram

Wavedacimg Wavedacimg

General Description

The WaveDAC8 component provides a simple and fast solution for automatic periodic waveform generation. A high-level interface allows you to select a predefined waveform or a custom arbitrary waveform. Two separate waveforms can be defined then selected with an external pin to create a modulated output. The input clock can also be used to change the sample rate or modulate the output.

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