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Mbed SDK Code Examples | Cypress Semiconductor

Mbed SDK Code Examples

Last Updated: 
Oct 12, 2020

These examples demonstrate MCU or ModusToolbox middleware functionality, with projects compatible with the Mbed SDK. Links take you to a GitHub repository where you can review the ReadMe file for full details on each example, including supported kits and command line text you can use to build each example.

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Title Description
mbed-os-example-capsense This example demonstrates implementing CapSense buttons and slider for PSoC 6 MCU with Mbed OS.
mbed-os-example-csdidac This example demonstrates using the CSD current digital-to-analog converter (IDAC) as a current source and a current sink.
mbed-os-example-csdadc This example demonstrates the usage of CSD analog to digital converter (ADC) for PSoC® 6 MCU with Mbed OS using the CSDADC Middleware Library.
mbed-os-example-xip This example demonstrates the Execute-In-Place (XIP) feature of PSoC 6 MCU using external serial memory.
mbed-os-example-wlan-lowpower This code example demonstrates low power operation of the host MCU and WLAN device.
mbed-os-example-emwin-eink This code example demonstrates displaying graphics on an EInk display using EmWin graphics library in Mbed OS.
mbed-os-example-emwin-oled This example demonstrates how to display graphics on an OLED display using emWin graphics library in Mbed OS.
mbed-os-example-enterprise-security This code example demonstrates connecting to an enterprise network with one of the following protocols EAP, PEAP or EAP-TTLS.
mbed-os-example-https-server This code example demonstrates the implementation of an HTTPS server with PSoC® 6 MCU and CYW43xxx connectivity devices. It employs the HTTPS server middleware library, which takes care of all the underlying socket connections with the HTTPS client. In this example, the HTTPS server establishes a secure connection with a HTTPS client through SSL handshake. Once the SSL handshake completes successfully, the HTTPS client can make GET, POST, and PUT requests with the secure server.
mbed-os-example-wlan-offload-discard-packet This application demonstrates the discard packet filter offload. The application is configured with a discard packet filter for the ICMP packet type using ModusToolbox 2.0 Device Configurator tool so that the WLAN will discard ICMP packets that are trying to reach the host.
mbed-os-example-wlan-offload-packet-filter This code example demonstrates packet filter offload functionality offered by Cypress WLAN devices. The packet filter offload functionality helps host to enter and stay in Deep Sleep longer and wake up only for the WLAN packets the host wants to service.
mbed-os-example-wlan-offload-arp The example demonstrates the Host MCU sleep/deepsleep while offloading the ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) service to the WLAN device.
mbed-os-example-wifi-provisioning-via-ble This code example demonstrates how to connect a kit to WiFi by provisioning the WiFi credentials via BLE.
mbed-os-example-aws-iot-client The applications connect to a Wi-Fi network as a STA(client), establish a secure TCP connection over MQTT to the AWS endpoint and publish or subscribe messages to/from the AWS cloud.
mbed-os-example-aws-greengrass The applications connect to a Wi-Fi network as a STA(client), discover Greengrass core devices, establish a secure TCP connection over MQTT to the AWS Greengrass endpoint and publish or subscribe messages periodically to/from the AWS cloud.
mbed-os-example-zipkey This code example demonstrates onboarding a device to a Wi-Fi network using ZipKey (or) SoftAP onboarding feature that is provided by the cirrent library.