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EZ-USB® FX3 USB Video Class Example | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-USB® FX3 USB Video Class Example

Last Updated: 
Mar 09, 2015

This example implements a USB video class (webcam) device that streams a set of 2 MJPEG frames repeatedly to the USB host over BULK Endpoint.

The MJPEG video frames are stored in the memory of the FX3 device as constant data.

The example does not support full-speed operation.

This example application demonstrates the following:

  1. The usage of the FX3 USB APIs to implement a standard USB video class device. The application shows how class specific USB control requests can be processed at the application level.
  2. Configuration and data transfer setting through an bulk endpoint.

Note: Pre-built binaries are provided in the Release and Debug folders in the zip file. FX3 SDK should be installed in the system to rebuild the example project with any modifications made.